Our Products

P R O D U C T   S P E C I F I C A T I O N S

Our exclusive turn-key urban farming systems are made with premium materials.

Our products are long lasting and very durable against the strong sun and humidity encountered during the summer months in arid environments. Our systems are both waterproof and UV proof.

Our soil and compost is carefully selected for arid environments.   Most of our seeds come from France. Our exclusive professional composting system, specifically designed for outside use, compliments our products for you to become self-sufficient in soil.

A G R I P O D 

Small Size: Diameter 40cm 45 cm High

Medium Size: Diameter 80 cm 50 cm High

Large Size: Diameter 116 cm 60 cm High

Waterproof, UV resistant

High Yield, Organic, Ergonomic, Portable, Durable.

Innovative ‘sweating’ low pressure fabric membrane ubsurface or surface  and automated irrigation.

Proprietary soil, living compost and rock mix. Reduces soil temperature.

No stagnant water.

Saves 50 to 75% water compared to conventional irrigation systems.

Sweats 30 cm around the pipe.

Promotes micro organism life by constantly aerating the soil. Promotes healthy soil.

Increase root system and yield.  Increase speed of growth.

Light weight, easy to open and close.

User friendly. Very robust.

Ideal for rooftops, terraces, gardens or large balconies.

Turn-key including soil, seeds, seedlings, irrigation and automation system,

delivery, installation and training.

C O M P O S T I N G   S Y S T E M

Soil is alive and needs to be fed.

Composting is the solution to replenish the soil in organic matter and inoculate new micro organisms.

We use a double system:  controlled anaerobic fermentation with Effective Micro-Organism (EM) and a traditional decomposition.

Our 60 l professional outdoor, fiberglass anaerobic fermentation and aerobic decomposition system enables you to make a rich compost in just 4 weeks.

The compost tea can also be used to organically feed your lawn.  Keeping your garden looking green and lush.