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The UAE has a very diverse population, regardless of nationality, food is a 'language' spoken in every culture. No matter what background we have, we all want the best for our health and our family. Eating organic food is a preventative measure to safe guarding you and your family's health. Taking control of your nutrition is not an easy task but by growing your own fruit and vegetables you can ensure you are receiving the maximum possible nutrition from your food. 

Growing your own organic edible garden in the UAE is made easy with Agriculture Box.

Agriculture Box brings efficient organic farming into your home, school, hotel or business, with a professional solution to grow your own organic fruit, vegetables and aromatic herbs. 

Agriculture Box is an ergonomic, autonomous farming system, an exclusive product that is the first of its kind in the UAE. 

We provide a turn-key solution to grow organic.

Benefits of growing organic at home 
  • Get the freshest produce: Enjoy the incomparable taste and the nutritional value of plant to plate organic.
  • Save money: A bag of salad costs a lot more than a packet of rocket seeds! One packet of seeds will give you lots and lots of tasty salads.
  • Avoid chemicals: If you care about what goes into and onto your food, growing your own organically is the best way of taking control. You can avoid chemical additives that are sometimes found in shop-bought food.
  • Carbon foot print: Think of the carbon saved by growing your own.
  • Grow the food you enjoy. The number of varieties of fruit and vegetables available to home gardeners is huge compared to the number available in shops. Unusual crops are often difficult to find and expensive to buy in the supermarket, but easy to grow. 
  • Vegetable gardening is a great way of introducing children to the joys of gardening and the benefits of eating fresh produce.
  • A great escape: Sometimes it?s just great to get away from the house, and normal day-to-day chores! For many people, getting outside in the garden is a perfect stress-buster!
  • Get to know other growers: Grower communities attract people from all sorts of backgrounds and ages, working towards a common goal. Experienced growers are also often willing to share hints and tips, not to mention surplus produce!
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agriculture box

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