Grow nutrient rich, high yield organic food with our latest urban farming growing technologies.


AGRICULTURE BOX: a concentrate of new technologies to promote high yield organic farming

User friendly, ergonomic, garden while sitting. Light and robust. 2 people can sit on it.

Water proof & U.V. resistant wooden frame.


Promotes micro organism life by constantly aerating the soil.

Increase root system and yield.

Increase speed of growth.


Promotes healthy soil & plant.


Low pressure fabric membrane ‘sweating’ irrigation.

Automated Irrigation.

Saves 50 to 75% water compared to conventional irrigation systems.

Sweats 30 cm around the pipe.

Subsurface or surface irrigation.

No plastic in the soil.

No stagnant water.  Aerates the soil.

User friendly. Very robust.


All our systems come with training and guidance for you to optimise your growing experience.

Not all vegetables grow well together, even some flowers and herbs can steal nutrients and flavours from other vegetables. Companion Planting is the purposeful placement of certain plants near each other as a natural way to keep pests away, help crops grow and improve flavour. It’s all about creating plant communities which have mutual benefits […]

Soil is alive and needs to be fed. Composting is the solution to replenish the soil in organic matter and inoculate new micro organisms. We use a double system:  controlled anaerobic fermentation with Effective Micro-Organism (EM) and a traditional decomposition. Our 74 l professional outdoor, food graded, fiberglass anaerobic fermentation and aerobic decomposition system enables […]

We can provide short lectures and a variety of educational charts on the introduction of soil microbiology. An example is below: