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Ergonomic Autonomous Edible Gardens

Craftsmanship and sustainability come together to bring you Agriculture Box, a turn-key solution designed specifically to grow organic gourmet food straight from your garden, rooftop, terrace or balcony.


P L A N T   G R O W   E A T   N O U R I S H

Agriculture Box transforms under-utilised outdoor spaces in the city into urban farms. Grow on rooftops, balconies, terraces & gardens with our exclusive urban farming systems, specifically designed for arid environments.

Grow your own nutrient rich chemical free gourmet food with up to 25 times more minerals and up to 100 times more vitamins and antioxidant than supermarket food.

Take a step towards self sufficiency, thanks to its high yield you will grow your own herbs salads and vegetables.

Economical return on investment (ROI) 3-4 years.

Ergonomic, no need to bend your back, you can now garden while seated on your Agriculture Box.

Water saving automated irrigation system, up to 75 % less water used compared to conventional systems.

Transportable: can be carried by 2 people when empty.

Safe and long lasting.  We only use premium quality materials commissioned for extreme temperatures and agriculture use.

Automated watering and low maintenance.

Agriculture Box is an exclusive product that is designed to maintain its value for years to come.