Agriculture Box

Agriculture Box is an ergonomic, autonomous farming solution for your home or business, an exclusive product that is the first of its kind in the UAE. 


Made from PEFC certified European high grade kiln dried Spruce wood. Thickness is 36mm, making it long lasting and very durable against the strong sun and humidity encountered during the summer months in the UAE.


The cutting edge water saving irrigation and drainage system is a vital aspect in successfully growing fruit and vegetables, enabling optimum root irrigation without stagnant water.


Our British and European certified food graded waterproofing system forbids any Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) transfers. It also offers a safe and durable protection for the box.


We also provide a unique mix of soil and compost which has been carefully selected for growing in the UAE's arid climate, along with a proprietary technology to ensure constant moisture in the box.


Agriculture Box comes in a natural wood finish.  It can be painted or varnished to compliment your landscaping decor should you desire and will enhance any garden or patio. The 36 mm thickness of the box will make it last for many years to come. Easily transportable, theAgriculture Box can move when you do.


Agriculture Box Dimensions 

Size:2m L x 1m l x 0.5m H, (the stand is 10cm).

We provide a turn-key solution to grow organic, including:

  • Rich organic agricultural soil
  • Pure seeds
  • Irrigation/Drainage
  • Automation system
  • Additional tap
  • Composting system
  • Tea composting system
  • Pure organic Chlorella fertilizer
  • Delivery and installation

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